House Baybridge Family

Following the Targaryen victory of the first Blackfyre Rebellion, King Daeron II Targaryen gifted Theon Baybridge a house, his ship Mariah’s Spear, and Lordship over the Ebonwood Islands. Ser Lyonel Baratheon, the new Lord Paramount of the Stormlands, arranged a marriage between the newly minted Lord Baybridge and Leslie Connington, the youngest daughter of Raymond Connington, Lord of Griffin’s Roost. Both houses showed tremendous heroism and loyalty during the Blackfyre Rebellion, so it only made sense to Ser Lyonel, also known as The Laughing Storm, to unite them in his service.

The first Lord and Lady Baybridge sired three children. The oldest child, and heir to the Ebonwood Islands, was called Baelor Baybridge, named after the Targaryen prince who Theon Baybridge had pledged his loyalty. Their second child, a daughter that they name Alynne, was married to a knight in the service of Ser Lyonel Baratheon. The youngest son, Gerald, was anointed in the service of House Dondarrion.

Theon Baybridge ruled long and just, and even captained Mariah’s Spear through the second and third Blackfyre Rebellions. It was during the third Blackfyre Rebellion that Theon was killed in an ambush by Blackfyre rebels under the command of Daemon II Blackfyre. Travelling the King’s Road from King’s Landing to Storm’s End after reporting the capture of Aegor Rivers, Daemon’s men had sprung a trap. Lord Baybridge’s forces were able to fight them back, but not before Lord Theon took an arrow to the shoulder. The wound had festered before they were able to get Lord Theon to the maester at Storm’s End, and he was buried at sea.

Shortly after his father’s death, the new Lord of Ebonwood, Lord Baelor Baybridge, took for his wife Penelope of House Hightower. She died while giving birth to their only son, who Baelor named Alesander after her father. He did not remarry, but instead focused on developing the Ebonwood Islands. It was under the rule of Lord Baelor that Ebonwood began to increase their ship making services, selling fleets of ships to the Baratheons of Storm’s End and to the Targaryen’s in King’s Landing. Lord Baelor also began sending his shipmaster, Karl Wensington, with shipments to White Harbor every four months, shipping fine southern goods to northern areas that had a more difficult time acquiring them. Under Baelor’s Lordship, House Baybridge grew in wealth and power significantly.

With the expansion of production, as well as swelling business on the small island, Lord Baelor entered into an agreement with House Dannett, a small landlocked house of the Stormlands, in which House Baybridge would supply House Dannett with goods and supplies brought back from the North in exchange for the use of forested land in House Dannett’s realm.

It was around this time that Lord Baelor arranged a marriage pact between his only son Alesander and Cassandra Manderly, daughter of the Lord of White Harbor, to strengthen the tie between Ebonwood and the North. When Corvin Dannett, the Lord of House Dannett, learned of this arrangement at Lord Lyonel Baratheon’s Great Hall and flew into a rage, banishing all Baybridge’s from his land. Unbeknownst to anyone save Lord Dannett himself, he had intended to wed his daughter, Eleina, to Alesander Baybridge. Feeling betrayed, Lord Dannett retreated to his castle, which was the last that any of the Storm Lords would see of him. He died shortly after.

Lord Baelor and Alesander personally traveled to White Harbor to meet Cassandra Manderly themselves. They were impressed by the young woman’s beauty, but even more so by her kindness. She was truly a woman of the people, a woman of the North. The Baybridges were excited to have her at Ebonwood, and she was equally excited to accompany them. They made the journey down together on Mariah’s Spear, and Alesander and Cassandra were married in the ebon wood grove at Ebonwood Castle.

Lord Baelor lived to see all three of his grandchildren born before he died in his bed in 258 AC. Lady Cassandra birthed three of Lord Alesander’s children: the eldest and heir, Gerald Baybridge, named for Ser Gerald Baybridge of House Dondarrion; the second son, Rodwell Baybridge, named for Cassandra’s grandfather; and the youngest, a daughter, who they named Jeyne Baybridge after Cassandra’s sister.

House Baybridge Family

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